The Watcher pdf


The Watcher  pdf

Title: The Watcher pdf

Author: John Brinling


Pages: 0 pages

The Watcher pdf

Janet Stapleton – widowed, confined to a wheelchair, living in a remote Connecticut farmhouse – didn’t believe in out-of-body experiences until she had one and witnessed a brutal murder. The second and third ones were no less horrific. Her investigation into why she was chosen to see these murders, soon has the demonic killer pursuing her.,Janet lives in a tranquil little town in Connecticut, and her involvement in the killings quickly leads to the police — in the person of Lieutenant Eric Siuda — to investigate her role in the slayings. Her claim to seeing these crimes in the occult manner she has brings her under suspicion. Complicating the Lieutenant’s investigation is the fact that he falls in love with his prime suspect, and doesn’t know whether to fear or protect her.


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